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Are you a cafe, restaurant, food market, festival or event that wants to go zero waste?
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Eliminate the waste and lower the carbon footprint of your food and beverage packaging by joining REUSER today!

We make the switch to reusables easy for businesses

Start, implement & manage your reuse system via our user-friendly reuse software.

Our attractive packaging & eco-friendly operations are highly sustainable & 100% traceable.

Providing everything you need to manage your reuse system

Our 'Reuse OS' is the complete reuse technology platform where clients can easily access and manage all aspects of their reuse system plus see the positive impacts of their switch to reuse!

Measure your impact

See your usage, waste savings and carbon footprint reduction

Track your packaging

Measure your stock and unreturned packaging with 100% traceability

Manage logistics

Schedule recurring or ad-hoc deliveries and collections of packaging

Automated billing

Automatic and transparent invoices generated based on platform data & custom pricing

Have fun without the waste!

Venues & Events

Hit your sustainability goals and show your employees you care!


Whether it’s on-set or at the cinema, we’ve got you covered!

Film, TV & Cinema

We can provide both a takeaway or dine-in solution. Reach out today!

Cafés & Restaurants

Catering Business?

We can help you implement customisable reuse solutions across multiple client locations with full traceability and carbon reporting!

Run your own reuse system

Outside of London? Have your own wash facilities? Our software is flexible and can be used anywhere in the world!

We’ll provide you with the software and packaging to start making an impact!